Will it fit?

Often the first question we get asked is "will these brakes fit my .... wheels?" and "what size spacers will I need with my ... wheels?".

While most OEM 17 inch wheels will work (and even some 16s), some wheel designs will require wheel spacers to offset the wheel outwards and provide some more clearance for the larger calipers.

We've produced a handy template that you can print out and use to check, here's how:

  • Download the pdf here: Fitment template pdf
  • The template is an outline drawing of one side of the brake set-up.
  • Print it at 100% scale onto a4 paper (you can check that the scale is correct by measuring the 186mm dimension with a ruler). This template only works if the print is exactly to-scale - check your printer settings if required.
  • (optional) glue the template onto some cardboard (cereal box is perfect), just to give it a bit more rigidity.
  • Cut away the right hand side of the page (keeping the left side intact) around the contours / silhouette of the brake calipers, disc and hub. Start by leaving the 20mm spacer on the template.
  • While keeping the template flat, offer the template up to the inside of your wheel. Line up the wheel centreline and/or bolt centrelines.
  • If the template fits flush against the wheels centre face, then it fits! Rotate the template around the wheel to make sure - testing around the spokes.
  • Repeat as necessary, each time removing more 'spacers' to get the caliper area of the template fitting as snug as you require.
  • IMPORTANT! This template is the exact silhouette of the caliper and hub. We suggest that you use the right sized wheel spacer (if required) to leave a minimum of 2-3mm between the caliper and your wheels. Also, remember to check for wheel weights inside the rim which may also foul on the brakes.
This is just a rough guide! If in doubt, please consult a professional. MiniBrakes.com, its owners and affiliates accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused by our products, whether through incorrect use or otherwise.
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