Pre Order Delays


First off may we apologise for the delays here and lack of contact / updates and let us reassure you all we’re working hard behind the scenes to get these ready and sent out ASAP and things have been extremely busy in my day job also.

We’ve had some big delays mainly down the materials we previously used and their availability appears to be non existent right now from the 5 manufacturers we’d been approaching over the last few months. So with this in mind we’re now having to redesign and change things to support a different material which is looking much more promising.

Essentially we have a sample set being made up with a few different materials on the way but we need to ensure we test them before sending out straight to customers untested. The last thing we would want is failed adapters so we’ve just got to be extra diligent here. Of course we feel Lives matter!

We’re applying pressure to speed up things so the material sample brackets are with us any day now so we can do some stress testing and ensure we’re happy to have the big batch made up. ETA currently is the end of July as production will likely take a few weeks after our tests which of course is disappointing for us all given the estimated date was the end of June. Of course as always we’re happy to refund or cancel any orders should people wish to pull out of the pre orders but we ask / hope for you to bear with us a little longer as our pre orders number we’re lower than expected to make this happen. Any issues please contact us directly via email at or alternatively DM us on our Facebook page.

As running a business is particularly difficult we ask anyone who paid using PayPal does not raise a dispute without contacting us first to allow us to cancel and refund orders.

As this has a big impact to our PayPal account health, Anyone who raises disputes without contacting us first will not be authorised to purchase from us going forward.

Many Thanks
Mini Brakes

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